Importance of Knowing Client’s Feedback from Surveys


Importance of Knowing Client’s Feedback from Surveys

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Customer Survey is Very Important to B2B Players

Feedback surveys from your customer base is essential for you to meet their needs. Especially in the B2B market where satisfied customers usually recommend your business to their business connections. On the other hand, if they’re dissatisfied, the impact on your business can be tremendous. Amid intense competition, therefore, it’s important to always evaluate your service to survive in the market. One way to acquire the service evaluation data is by running a survey. 

However, running survey is not as easy as it seems. If it’s not done correctly it will end up wasting your time and resources while not getting anything back from all the effort. 

Tips and Tricks in Running a Survey

1. Determine the objective and the audience of the survey

It needs to be clear and focused as it will point the direction of where and what results you want out of your survey.


2. Draft the questions 

To successfully identify the measures you’re trying to improve, be sure to clearly ask questions relevant to those measures. However, bear in mind that you’re asking your clients’ time of day to fill out or answer your questionnaire, so keep it short yet precise so it won’t waste your client’s time. 

3. Consider how many samples needed

A small sample size may produce not so reliable results, that’s why measure how many clients you need to reach out to.

4. Find the best method to distribute your survey

If the questions are longer and require more to think about, a call method might not be the best option. Paper surveys are not the best either as they often get lost and take ages to be compiled. 

Advotics Form Module for Distributor and Principal

Advotics Distribution Management System form/surveys module serves to facilitate conducting  field surveys intended for store owners and end customers. Available in both web portal and mobile application, the system can provide real-time feedback from respondents while the marketing team can also edit and revise survey last-minute through the web portal. 

Rather than being constrained by a few survey templates, Advotics system can provide different types of questions (fill in the blank, multiple choice, essays, etc) for you to choose. Afterwards, the created survey can be reused as template for upcoming survey with certain customization.

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